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2010 Lake Vegetation Survey

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Click on graphic at right to see
a report on the 2009 lake weed
control project.

This report was also published in the Fall 2009 newsletter.

This gives a good overall background on the project

If you wondered what all of the different types of weeds were in the lake, click on the link below to see what was found in the annual survey conducted September 16, 2010.

Nymphaea, top, otherwise known as water lily makes up over 25% of the vegetation in the lake littoral zone.

Wild Celery, bottom, is an important source of food for waterfowl and makes up 8% of the vegetation in the lakes littoral zone.


2017 Weed Control

August 12
Progressive surveyed the lake and ordered a treatment during the week of August 13

Mid August treatment map

July 25
There will be another lake treatment sometime within a week after July 25

Late July treatment map

July 9
Progressive inspected the lake on July 6. The plan is to do a lake treatment the week of July 10 with weed harvesting to be done the week of July 17

July treatment map

July harvest map

June 6
The lake was inspected by Progressive on June 6 and is tentatively scheduled for treatment on June 12
June treatment map

May 18
Progressive inspected the lake May 18. In general the lake looked good. They did notice Stary Stonewort starting to grow and have scheduled a chemical treatment next week. More treatments will take place during the summer. There will most likely be a weed harvest around late July.

May treatment map

2016 Weed Control

August 20
Progressive inspected the lake August 18 and found quite a lot of algae. A treatment is scheduled for the week of August 28. There will also a phragmites treatment. Huron Pines has granted us funding pay for 50% of the phragmites treatment. Progressive also reports the Stary Stonewort is starting to die off for the season.

August treatment map

July 15
Progressive inspected the lake July 15 and directed a limited treatment for 6. acres of Starry Stonewort and 5 acres of algae. The treatment should be within the next week.

July 2016 treatment map

June 17
Progressive inspected the lake on June 16 and found a fair amount of algae and some starry stonewort. The will be a treatment of 22 acres of algae and 5.25 acres of the stonewort next week.
June 2016 treatment map

May 19
Progressive conducted a lake inspection and reports the lake looked clear with some filamentous algae. Dominant plant species by far is large leaf pondweedwhich is excellent habitat for fish and aquatic insects, that fish eat. Lake will be treated early next week.
May 2016 treatment map




June 30
The June 24 algae treatment was delayed because of boat issues. Treatment is now scheduled for July 2

June 25
Progresive is reporting the milfoil treatment is looking good. They also reported a large algae bloom June 19 with a treatment scheduled for June 24 or 25. Be sure to attend the annual meeting, June 27, for more

May 29
Fluridone for milfoil treatment was bumped up to 6 PPB. More algae was treated. See Summer 2015 newsletter for more information

May 20
Lake inspected by Progressive Engineering. A bump up of the milfoil chemical treatment to 6 PPB will be done in the next 10 days. Also additional algae treatments.

May 2015 Lake Inspection Report

May 18
There was an algae treatment May 18.

May 4
The lake was treated for Milfoil

July 17

Weed harvesting has been completed. Another algae treatment was done July 21. The algae treatment need to wait a few days after the harvester stirred up the water.

July treatment map

July 7

Weed harvesting is scheduled to begin aboutJuly 10 and will take about 5 days.

2014 harvest map

July 1

Progressive Engineering plans to survey the lake July 3 for a survey of the last weed control herbicide application and determine specific areas for weed harvesting. Due tounforseen issues, the weed harvesting is now scheduled to begin about July 10

June 6

Progressive Engineering conducted a weed survey today. Treatment is scheduled for the week of June 17. Mechanical weed harvesting is tentativly scheduled to start about June 30.

See July harvest map

June 6

Progressive Engineering conducted a weed survey June 4. Treatment is scheduled for the week of June 10.

See June survey map

Treatment includes:

• 3.25 acres of milfoil w/2,4-D
• 6.5 acres of milfoil w/granular triclopyr
• 2.25 acres of mixed beds (milfoil/curly-leaf pondweed) w/Clipper
• 0.75 acre of mixed beds (milfoil/curly-leaf pondweed) w/Clipper

The goose roundup is tentatively scheduled for June 18.

Progressive Engineering plans to conduct the weed survey in early June. This is done to determine the type of treatments need for the year. The survey is later this year because of the cold spring. The lake is still cold slowing down the growth of weeds.

2012 Weed Control

Sept 4 - Phragmites will not be treated this fall because of the need to obtain proper permits.

August 28 - Lily Pads were treated on August 27.

August 8 - Recently the DNR notified us that they had located Phragmites along Henderson Lake Road, south of the drain tube. This is a invasive weed that we are planning to control.

See Phragmites flier

July 19 - Progressive Engineering conducted a weed survey. Only .5 acre of wild celery was located. Lilly pads will be spot treated in August. Water temperature was 78° F.

See July survey map

June 20 - Progressive Engineering conducted a weed survey. A small amount of milfoil was located and is scheduled for treatment on June 21. Water temperature was 80° F.

See June 20 map

1 acre of milfoil ( green on map)
25 acres of algae (yellow on map)

May 24 - Aquatic Services treated the areas mentioned below.

May 17 - The initial lake weed survey was conducted by Progressive Engineering on May 17, 2012. Water temperature was 61° F
As a result of the survey Progressive directed treatment of several problem areas.

See Map

2.75 acres will be treated for Milfoil (Purple area on map)

3.5 acres of mixed weeds (Orange area on map)

7.5 acres of curly-leaf pondweed (Red area on map)

Both the milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed are invasive species we need to control. Also, they will treat entire developed shoreline for nuisance planktonic algae.This should be done before the Memorial Day weekend.

2011 Weed Control

August 18 - There was a 24 acre algae treatment on August 17. The treatment was along the populated areas of the lake.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • August 5 - Weed harvesting was completed August 4. There are plans for another algae treatment in the next few weeks.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

July 21
- Another algae treatment of 27 acres along with one-half acre curlyleaf pondweed.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Weed harvesting was tentatively scheduled for the week of July 18 and was then moved to the week of July 25. The harvest will be for lily pads and pondweeds. Will be primarily along the populated areas of the lake.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
June 23 -There was another treatment on for 2 acres of curlyleaf pondweed and 27 acres of planktonic algae. The pondweed area is in the southwest corner of the lake with the algae treatment in the populated areas of the lake.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
June 16 -The first treatment of the lake for 2011 was completed. This was for 1.25 acres of curlyleaf pondweed and 19 acres of nuisance filamentous algae.
The lake was surveyed for weeds again on June 16, 2011


For maps of the area click.

For maps of the treatment areas click.